Monday, September 13, 2010

Shark Mouth Tattoo

Originated in WWI and adopted in WWII by the Flying Tigers, the shark teeth struck fear into the heart of opposing forces and showed that the pilot was a force not to be reckoned with. When I was young my pops and I used to build WWII model airplanes, which sparked my love for the era, for the planes and for the individual designs that these pilots had on their planes. We used to go to air shows in Salinas, CA and at Moffett Field in Mountain View,CA and watch the Aerobatics of the Blue Angels and A-10's. What stuck out heavily in my mind was the classic planes. I would imagine the stories behind these planes. I saw all of the designs painted on the planes as small stories of the history of this machine. This tattoo was done by John Caleb at Goodfellas Tattoo in Orange, CA on Sept.13th 2010.
Always being a bit hesitant to have a tattoo that was showing, I took it from Doc Brown and figured, "What the Hell". People will judge, but my friends and family are all that matter to me, and they will never judge. I am very excited for this tattoo and I love what it represents in my life.

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