Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Vegas with SullenTV @ Magic

Magic in Las Vegas was an amazing time. I went up with the Sullen crew in the Sullen Van and spent 4 days with the top clothing retailers and buyers in the world. The parties were amazing! Ended up on the 25th floor of the Palms hotel Wed. night, in the bowling alley suite drinking PBR and whisky while bowling overlooking the entire strip. Thursday night we rocked at Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel with BigB and Holly Madison. Hart&Huntington was amazing, VIP treatment and tons of Grey Goose. That night ended at 6am as we closed out Vanity and walking out to the cleaners in the Hard Rock Hotel. There is something kind of cool when you are walking out of a club in your nice clothes from party and everyone is just waking up.
This peice was from The Norm AWR/MSK, 2 Tone and Retna live art show presented by 7th Letter clothing. I just caught a glimpse of Retna, he has always been kind of a mystery, but we couldn't get him on Sullen TV, just his pieces he contributed to the art show. Enjoy. Can't wait for Magic Winter.

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