Thursday, May 6, 2010


So Cinco De Mayo is my BDAY and this year is good old 28! I woke up to breakfast made by my girlfriend, watched Avatar and Star Wars: A New Hope, Drank, got a bottle of Sailor Jerry and rockstar, got an amazing receipt with 5/5/10 on the date and the total for the transaction was 1982 (the year i was born, kinda funny), I drank, I had a double double from In & Out for dinner then met up with some friends at a bar in Huntington Beach,CA, drank some more, sang some shirtless karaoke, drank and passed out to the Big Labowski. Needless to say the morning after was a little painful. I got a whole grip of amazing gifts including Super Street Fighter 4, an Art of Avatar book, and many other amazing gifts. I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and my girlfriend for dealing with my drunken hyper self. Good times.

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