Friday, July 17, 2009

Apple's Contribution to the War on Terror

Somebody should tell the terrorists that they can't use their iTunes weapons anymore, or Apple will go medieval on their asses.
In the fine print of the Itunes Terms and Conditions there is an article stating the you cannot use iTunes for creating Nuclear Missiles or biological weapons???!! My biggest question is how? then, why? then, really?
If some terrorist in a hole in the ground is building a death-doom missile of hate, I'm sure that he won't be using iTunes Genius features to make a playlist for the Cure Song playing while they shoot the damn thing. I can see it now, some terrorist making this biological weapon getting an update reminder to get the new iTunes. He then DL's, then reads through the t&c and is like, "DAMMIT! I can't hip-hop to Enya while I plan to bomb the world". This is one of those "cover my ass" things that companies use to prevent people from sueing them, or as I like to call it the dumb people. One day McDonalds will have this warning on their fry boxes, the label will be something like this:
"Warning: Contents are Hot, Do Not Use For Biological or Nuclear Weapons, Caution: May Cause Choking, Cuation: May Make you Fat, Warning: May cause Fry Drama, Warning: Golden Color is Just A Color No Cash Value"
So remember, if you plan on killing the world with your Nuclear or Biological weapons, don't groove to fat beats while making those missiles. The more you know.

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