Thursday, April 2, 2009

So I love Disneyland, so much so that me and my girlfriend go a whole bunch. I gets to a point at Disneyland where you get a bit bored, so you start to have fun with pictures. This day, we had our friends Chris (man hands) and Renee with us, so we thought lets play some games on the rides. This picture was one of the only ones that got displayed on the screens at Disneyland. We found out that they monitor and regulate every single picture taken at the park. The pictures "magically disappear" if it is inappropriate or un-safe. In our case, we were playing chess. On Splash Mountain, Nicole sat in front of me and turned around to play chess with me behind her. Since she turned around, it violated the safety rules of the ride so we couldn't get the picture. But I think this Tower of Terror pic is amazing. Checkmate Bitches!

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